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Ads Don’t Matter; Guest Experiences Do

​​Today almost all consumers are more influenced by what other consumers post about rather than branded content; this kind of content is called customer-generated content. The TINT platform helps you acquire and implement this authentic content for your brand.

There’s No Reason Not to Use CGC

Content created by your guests is as good—if not better—than word of mouth. Here’s why:

CGC increases conversions.
CGC increases conversions

CGC campaigns on average see 29% more online conversions

CGC is easy to obtain
CGC is easy to obtain

2 out of 3 customers let you use their social posts or online reviews

CGC influences travel plans.
CGC influences travel plans.

Over 50% of Facebook users base travel plans on their friends’ travel photos

CGC is a best practice
CGC is a best practice

47% of marketers use CGC in their customer journey strategies.

Top Hotel Brands Trust TINT

​​Four Seasons, Hilton, Loews, and JW Marriott have implemented TINT to acquire, manage, and track CGC throughout the customer journey. Loews specifically saw a 62% increase in social engagement and 35% increase in direct bookings.

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What TINT Does

Our platform takes you through all the steps of acquiring and using travel-related CGC:

CGC is easy to obtain
Collect & Curate

Sift through photos and reviews with the help of our machine learning to find the most influential CGC.

Rights Management
Get Rights

Obtain image rights from users in an easy, intuitive process.

Scaled Activation

Integrate your CGC collateral in every critical touch point.


Track where guests post and see who’s getting the most interaction.

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​​Why TINT Now?

​​Big ad spending is on its way out, and CGC is on its way in. Using CGC with TINT is the strongest way to provide authentic content that engages as much as it converts. Get on your way to more loyalty, more engagement, and more direct bookings.

The world’s best companies use TINT to generate greater audience engagement and sales conversion with TINT.

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