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TINT boosts brand engagement, increases customer loyalty, and drives business growth by efficiently humanizing your marketing channels with authentic and trustworthy customer-generated content

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Increase click-through rates

Lower acquisition costs

Grow sales conversion rates

Unlock content that sells

Traditional media is costly and tedious to implement, and no longer resonates with modern audiences. We’ve engineered a scalable platform to deliver engaging content into any channel, proven to make buying decisions easier for your customers.

Search with confidence

Advanced filters and machine learning do the heavy lifting to uncover the best visual content for your needs

Distribute with ease

From rights management to display, and everything in between, deploy content into any number of channels in minutes

Make smarter decisions

Gain deeper and valuable insights into the content your customers create using our robust analytics tools

Scale without limits

TINT offers industry-leading collaboration tools, security, and integrations keeping your brand’s growing pains in mind

Purdue University

Purdue University embraced the power of community content to generate over $28 million dollars for their Annual Day of Giving, in just 24 hours.

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TINT is the most powerful platform for turning engaging and trustworthy content into sales. Discover and publish more of your perfect content, generating impactful results at scale.

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