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"Another major goal was to create an open feedback loop with our diners. I mentioned previously, our advocates have been so incredible about providing feedback to us. And not just feedback, but actual constructive, thoughtful feedback that we’ve used to inform strategy and make decisions as a brand."

Amanda Allbee, Sr. Marketing Associate, Grubhub 


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Stop Losing Control From Third-Party Channels

You’ve seen that you can’t rely on Facebook, Apple, or Google as data sources. The TINT community platform gives you always-on access to your consumer data to elevate customer engagement.

Customer profile: Repeat purchases, iOS user, mother of two teens, cycling instructor
Data captured from a brand community

Data Connections That Deliver Future Readiness

Owned data empowers your brand with the insights you need to connect with customers, personalize content, and deliver a better customer experience.

Dynamic Personalization Tailored for Each Consumer

With ongoing data collection, your consumer’s brand experience constantly evolves to best meet their needs. Let go of one-way email pushes and deliver engaging, personalized experiences that create brand love and lasting loyal customers.

A collage of people with a woman highlighted that says she's completed activities, is a long-term purchaser, and social media user.

Data to Power All Your Marketing Efforts

Leverage robust, proactively shared zero party data to optimize all of your initiatives

Integrate and Share Data

Pre-built API integrations enable seamless data sharing to create a single customer view across channels

Beyond Transaction Loyalty

Cultivate emotional loyalty with personalized engagement, experiential rewards, and community connection

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See How Sir Kensington’s Reclaimed Direct Consumer Relationships to Boost Net Promoter Score by 132%

As a challenger brand, Sir Kensington’s needed to better understand what resonates with current fans and new consumers. Their Tastebuds Community enabled them to tap into zero party data insights to uncover competitive insights, inform brand communications, and inspire future innovations.
Sir Kensington's Community

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Zero party data is data that a consumer intentionally and voluntarily shares with your brand. Because it is from a direct source it is highly accurate, unlike second or third party data that comes to you via a middle man. First party data is collected directly from consumers, but as it’s based on their interactions with your website, app, loyalty program and other channels, it is largely transaction-based and doesn’t provide important contextual information about your audience.

In contrast, zero party data typically includes personal preferences, emotional leanings, lifestyle behavior, and values. It is unique access a consumer provides for how to interact and recognize them, making it the most prized data set.

With the impending demise of third party cookies and the acceleration of privacy legislation, the ability to track, understand and target consumers effectively is transforming. While these changes have been driven by consumers’ demand for data transparency and privacy, those same consumers still want a customer experience rich with personalized interaction and convenience. That’s where zero party data comes in. 

When collected and used with intention to provide personalized and relevant experiences, zero party data can enable you to align your brand more authentically and meaningfully with consumers. And it can also help you achieve a more holistic customer view. 


Zero party data fuels a continuous cycle of greater sharing and personalization, driving progressively higher levels of trust, insights, and loyalty while simultaneously helping you to “future proof” against widespread industry changes.

Despite the increase in concerns about privacy and transparency, consumers continue to be willing to give information to a company if they feel it’s going to add value to their experience. TINT enables you to create a fully customizable online community to collect data in exchange for meaningful interactions with your brand. These can include trying a free sample of your product, participating in a discussion forum of like-minded consumers, hosting an in-home event sponsored by your brand, or a special promotion or offer. 

And because communities are about connection and conversation, consumers are more willing to share broader, value-based information like personal interests, hobbies, and lifestyle behaviors. The trust that is built through the direct relationships with your consumers makes an owned brand community a zero party data collection engine.  Read the guide on how to collect zero party data.

With TINT, you can harness zero party data to deliver transparent personalization that drives emotional connections, including targeted sampling, timely promotions and offers, and relevant content and discussions. You can also dive deeper with surveys and polls into how consumers think and understand how to create the best possible customer experience. 

TINT allows you to stop using guesswork to engage with consumers and drive real emotional loyalty that boosts customer lifetime value.

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