Community Powered Conversion Accelerates Sales With Trusted Content Across All Channels

Leverage community engagement to increase conversions along the customer journey, lowering cost-per-acquisition and time spent securing new customers, and increasing Return on Ad Spend. 


Brands Must Redefine Their Marketing for Lasting Results in a Dynamic Digital Landscape

Brands are spending more on campaigns and producing diminishing returns. Leveraging user-generated content from your community of engaged consumers across your marketing mix captivates audiences to drive higher ROI.


Brands Are Spending More Dollars for Fewer Outcomes

Marketers must rethink their strategies to deliver and optimize successful campaigns. 

Cost-per-acquisition costs have increased 60% in the last 5 years.

UGC-Featured Media Yields Higher ROI

Maximize your returns with the transformative potential of authentic content.

62% of consumers are more likely to click on content like ads, websites, social posts, or emails that feature customer photos rather than images created by brands.

Social Commerce Is Essential to Secure Future Growth

Traditional marketing approaches are no longer enough to ensure a competitive edge.

Social commerce is expected to double by 2025 and will account for $80 billion in retail sales.

Harness the Power of Consumer Voices for Increased Conversion and Higher ROI

Learn how TINT’s community solutions can help you drive conversion and sales, powered by integrated data & insights. 

Create shoppable UGC galleries, dynamic emails & more

Collect, manage, and display ratings & reviews


Scale social content across every channel – from digital to print

Shopper Marketing 

Drive in-store traffic and increase basket size at key retailers 

Targeted Promotions

Deliver unique offers tailored to shopping behavior and interests 

Save time – identify the best UGC with object detection, auto-tagging, sentiment, and more

Simplify the UGC legal rights request process

TINT builds trust through authentic community powered marketing centered on the voice of the customer. Today, over 5,000 brands in more than 173 countries use TINT’s unique mix of software, services, and expertise to cultivate communities that drive advocacy, engagement , conversions, and loyalty. Learn more about Community Powered Marketing.

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