Ensure a Successful Product Launch With Community Powered Marketing

Tap into the power of authentic UGC and reviews, and gain critical insights to guarantee the success of go-to-market strategies that spark immediate sales impact.

Sir Kensington's Community
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“Every time we launch something new we can launch it with confidence because we know that our Taste Buds community gave us that vote of confidence already. We always go to the Taste Buds community when we have a new innovation in mind to get a gut check from people who know and love the brand to see if they think this is something that they’d be interested in and fits within our brand ethos.”

Amanda Trigilia, Associate Brand Manager, Sir Kensington’s


Community Members to Advocate for New Products

Establish Social Proof Before Your Product Hits the Market

Transform your most trusted consumers into an army of advocates, promoting your new product launches before they even hit the shelves. Easily execute sampling campaigns and syndicate user-generated content and reviews to key retail sites.  

Product sampling

Integrate Ecommerce Into Your Community Experience

Drive immediate sales of new products. With shoppable posts, add-to-cart features, tailored promotions, and rights-approved UGC distribution across your marketing mix, you can expedite conversion to your ecommerce channels.

Optimize Creative Concepts and Accelerate Launch Velocity

Access an always-on consumer insights panel that allows you to keep your pulse on your consumers and your market. Gain critical competitive intelligence on product feedback and crowdsource ideas to drive product launch decisions and mitigate risk.

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Veggies Made Great testimimonial

Increase Retention and Build Long-Term Brand Loyalty

Deliver consistent hyper-personalized experiences with engaging brand activities that build excitement around your brand and grow anticipation for your new product launches.

Seed Ratings & Reviews

Activate your community to seed your new product display pages and drive awareness and consideration

Targeted Sampling Campaigns

Mobilize ideal consumers to sample your product, share with friends, and drive trial

Ecommerce Conversion

Integrate shoppable UGC and social commerce to boost sales

Audience and Product Insights

Gather product feedback and understand your target consumer better

Why leading brands choose TINT

Naomi Watt’s Stripes New Brand Launches with HotSpot Community  

To fuel awareness, trial, and advocacy for the brand’s launch and beyond, Stripes created the Hot Spot community as a dedicated space for consumers to connect with the brand and find support in navigating their midlife menopause journey.

Stripes Community

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How to Create a Community Powered Marketing Strategy

Discover the steps for crafting a powerful Community Powered Marketing strategy with examples of brands doing owned brand communities right.

Turning Data Into Action - Why an Online Community is the Ultimate Insights Solution

We outline some of the benefits of tapping into an online community to gather and harness product insights that take your brand to the next level.


Community is a critical tool throughout the entire go-to-market process – from conception to launch to optimization and continued innovation. With TINT’s connected solutions, we empower you to activate and engage your brand community with a variety of digital activities, all accessible through a personalized community dashboard. 

Community members can sample new products before they hit the shelves, participate in crowdsourcing ideas for new product innovation, complete feedback surveys on creative concepts, or submit rights-approved UGC and reviews across your marketing mix to aid in new product awareness. 

Community is more important than ever for a new brand entering the market and Community Powered Marketing can be your key advantage to gaining market share, securing more distribution, and driving awareness, acquisition, and retention. TINT helps you cultivate your audience of consumers into an army of passionate consumers ready to propel your brand. As a seamless extension of your brand’s website, we can help you elevate your entire digital presence and stand out among your competitors. 

We believe every brand already possesses a community of consumers. Many of the brands we collaborate with initiate their owned communities from existing one-way channels with limited engagement, such as an email database, a social media following, or a loyalty and rewards program. Your community itself will also evolve into a potent source of growth through referrals and social advocacy. We emphasize that community-building resembles gardening more than carpentry, and our team equips you with all the necessary “gardening tools” to create a flourishing owned community.

We recognize that each team possesses distinct resources, and our platform is designed to be flexible to accommodate your needs. Whether you have a team of community experts seeking a platform to engage with consumers or you’re seeking a fully-managed community team to nurture your owned community, TINT’s platform is engineered to enhance efficiency in your marketing stack during a product launch. In some instances, we’ve assisted clients in streamlining and eliminating more than four marketing tools.

Additionally, 90% of our clients confirm that a minimum of three business functions engage with an owned community.

Launch Products With Your Community