Sampling Community - Campaigns to Inspire Trial, Awareness, & Authentic UGC

Tap into our ready-to-activate Smiley360 sampling community of over one million peer influencers to deliver highly targeted product samples that spark ratings & reviews and trusted social proof.

Product Sampling
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"Leveraging Smiley360 allowed us to not only target the right people to talk about our brand, but to do so in an authentic and scalable way. Our campaign sparked thousands of pieces of user-generated content. ”

Brand Manager, TAZO


Impressions from Sampling Community Activation 


Turnkey Sampling Community of 1.4 Million Qualified Peer Influencers

With thousands of campaigns implemented, we make it easy for your brand to activate targeted consumers from our sampling community of authentic (and unpaid!) trendsetters to try your product and share their trusted feedback with friends, followers, and fellow consumers.

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Hero Cosmetics Surveys & Polls

Trusted Reviews to Jumpstart Purchase

Drive product trial, brand advocacy, and achieve higher conversion and visibility on ecommerce channels and in-store retail. With our integrations, generated reviews can be syndicated seamlessly across retailer sites.  

Collect, Curate, and Distribute UGC Across Your Marketing Mix

TINT’s connected platform empowers you to collect rights-approved UGC from our sampling community to easily organize, repurpose, and distribute across your marketing channels including email, social, digital advertising, OOH, and much more. 

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Hero Cosmetics Surveys & Polls

Collect Actionable Feedback for Your Brand

With built-in survey capabilities for every campaign, you can collect valuable product feedback and audience insights at a fraction of the cost of traditional research studies.  

Targeted Sampling Campaigns

Mobilize ideal consumers to sample your product, share with friends, and drive trial

Seed Ratings & Reviews for New Products

Activate peer influencers to seed your new product display pages and drive launch awareness

Fully Managed Turnkey Campaigns

Our team has 14+ years of experience handling everything from setup to execution to optimization and reporting

Audience and Product Insights

Gather product feedback and understand your target consumer better

Why leading brands choose TINT

ARM & HAMMER Spinbrush Ignites Ratings & Reviews with Our Sampling Community

ARM & HAMMER Spinbrush™ aimed to drive trial and increase awareness of its Sonic Pulse battery-powered toothbrush and to create authentic content across preferred networks. The brand leveraged the peer influencers of Smiley360 to jumpstart conversation and product reviews.

ARM & HAMMER Community

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Social Sampling That Gets Results

Learn how social sampling campaigns have the power to supercharge your word-of-mouth and achieve advocacy at scale.

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Product Sampling Programs - Ultimate Guide

A product sampling program is one of the easiest ways to get your product into your consumer’s hands and begin building loyalty.

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How 303 Achieved a 135% Sales Lift With Peer Influencers

303® struggled with driving awareness in a highly competitive marketplace and aimed to increase content and reviews on various social networks.


TINT’s powerful audience segmentation uses a mixture of profile data, zero-party data, and social data to hyper-target consumers and delivers a customized pre-qualification survey to identify an ideal selection of consumers to sample your product. You can target consumers by demographics, shopping habits, lifestyle behavior, and brand preferences. 

No. Unlike other sampling communities, we believe strongly that the only incentive a consumer should have to share about your brand is the sampling experience. We will never pay our community or tell participants what to say, and we will always encourage honest feedback. Our built-in FTC disclosures ensure all content is authentic and transparent.  

Your dedicated team will handle everything from start to finish. Each campaign includes a custom qualification survey, a branded campaign page, and social sharing tools with automatic FTC disclosure. Additionally, we will collect and deliver all rights-approved UGC as well as a post-campaign survey to measure lift in purchase conversion and brand favorability. 

Looking for alternatives to the Influenster sampling community, the TryIt sampling community, or Bazaarvoice sampling community? TINT offers sampling community campaigns to inspire trials, awareness, & authentic UGC at a fraction of the cost.  In addition, by creating your brand community you own the direct relationship with your consumers for advocacy and long-term loyalty.

Our campaigns typically deliver anywhere from 1,000-5,000+ targeted samples, and our fulfillment partners will handle distributing and shipping your samples to participants. Each sampling box includes a specially designed insert and custom branding to seed high-quality UGC. 

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