Integrate Epsilon PeopleCloud with TINT for Even More Unified Data-Driven Marketing

Community closes data gaps and fosters stronger relationships through data-driven personalization with a unified customer experience across all of your marketing.

TINT - Epsilon Integration
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"We have a community where we can talk to people all the time and we want them to spread their love for ARM & HAMMER™ Cat Litter. We can actually disrupt the environment and disrupt our competitors. We have these loyalists that we want to get the message out, to speak on our behalf, and in a more organic way than a brand trying to be the voice – we let our consumers do that for us."

Shonda Brown, Senior Associate Brand Manager
ARM & HAMMER™ Cat Litter

Greater Customer Lifetime Value Than Other Channels

ARM & HAMMER™ Cat Litter

Community Fuels Richer First-Party Data Sets

Leverage the power of your community to supercharge your owned data channels with valuable zero-party and first-party data.

Community members willingly engage and share information that is otherwise difficult or impossible to obtain.

A collage of people with a woman highlighted that says she's completed activities, is a long-term purchaser, and social media user.
ARM & HAMMER survey asking users to share where they purchase cat litter

Engage Your Community in Integrated Marketing Efforts

Connect mapped fields of your community members to PeopleCloud. Ensure your most engaged consumers are connected into your marketing funnel and personalization journey.

Enhance the Connected Identity View

Enrich COREIDs even further with deep current data on online and offline activities, preferences, and life stage changes.
Connecting all the data pieces to enrich coreid


Community members willingly engage, produce activity data, and share information that is otherwise difficult or impossible to obtain.

Integrating your community data with Epsilon PeopleCloud helps supercharge your CDP investment by enriching customer profiles with valuable data, aiding in a more robust, complete COREID for personalized marketing at scale.

Furthermore, the TINT – Epsilon integration streamlines data management, keeping you ahead of the curve as your audience’s needs evolve.

TINT Communities and community members generate hundreds of valuable, unique data points.

We’ll work closely with you to ensure a smart data flow from your community to Epsilon PeopleCloud. Together, we’ll identify the community data points that matter most to your marketing goals.

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