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We help brands leverage Community Powered Marketing to increase advocacy, engagement, conversions, and loyalty.

Enterprise UGC Platform

The Community Powered Marketing Platform

Trusted by over 5,000 brands in more than 173 countries for our unique mix of software, services, and expertise to cultivate communities and scale impact to create awareness, engagement, and loyal customers. 

Our comprehensive solution includes UGC, Creator & Influencer Marketing, Ratings & Reviews, Social Commerce, Community-building, Personalization, Social Contests & Campaigns, Owned Data, and Research & Insights.

Our Story

We started with a mission to address the problem of falling consumer trust in brands exacerbated by an exponential increase in content noise.
Consumers have become experts at ignoring brand messages, and marketers are in a constant struggle to effectively reach, convert, and retain their audiences.
Following rapid growth, we expanded the capabilities of our platform and teams to support the complex ever-changing needs of our global brand customers, becoming the leader in UGC, creator & influencer, and social content.
But we didn’t stop there.
Transactional interactions with consumers have evolved, with brands developing relationship-based engagement with their customers grounded in loyalty and trust (community).

Welcome Brand Marketers

We’re so glad you’re here. And you will be too.

User-Generated Content is effective, but transactional.
Creators & Influencers are effective, but transactional.
And transactional interactions can only take you so far.
So we built the platform to make it easy to identify, engage, and mobilize consumers to create authentic advocacy, engagement, conversions, and lasting loyalty at scale.
And we developed our methodology. A proven process to create a thriving brand community with immediate impact and lasting business value.
We’ve have helped thousands of brands overcome challenges and accelerate results through Community Powered Marketing. We look forward to partnering with you.

Driving greater results

Community Powered Marketing Engine

An infinity loop that covers building community and scaling impact, including personalized engagement to boost loyalty, cultivate you consumer community and owned relationships, UGC collection, curation, and organization, community activation & insights gathering, spark advocacy, UGC, ratings & reviews, repurpose UGC, drive conversion, identify creators.

77% of shoppers are more likely to buy from brands that personalize their shopping experience.

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