Cisco Webex + TINT

Increase employee advocacy and engagement in a social and simple way.

TINT is where your content and community come together to create beautiful stories displayed anywhere for maximum engagement. That’s why we integrated TINT with Cisco Webex so you and your team can now easily display any messages from your news, announcements, winnings, employee-generated-content Cisco Webex onto your ‘About Us’ webpage, office TV screens, employee computer screensavers, and more with TINT.

The amazing content your team shares in Cisco Webex can be seen and celebrated beyond your Cisco Webex app!

Connect, share, celebrate

Connect any Cisco Webex onto your TINT board with a click. Then have all your teammates share text commentary, images, videos, and gifs onto that connected room with any keyword or hashtag in the same message. TINT will collect messages with any keyword or hashtag in the commentary, let you moderate the ones you want to display, and allow you to embed it anywhere.

Because your organization is now proudly recognizing your team’s contents by displaying them on screens, your employees will create and share more content on behalf of your company.

Example Cisco Webex + TINT Use Cases

1. Highlighting team bonding photos from your Cisco Webex onto your ‘Team’ webpage to emphasize company culture.

2. Displaying winning news on your employees computer screen savers to motivate them on the daily.

3. Exhibiting important announcements directly on office TV screens so everyone is updated on the latest.

You can achieve all of these with our embed code screensaver solution , and/or Chromecast integration .

Why should you care?

Employees are the biggest marketing assets and best advocates your organization have, yet they’re often untapped. By curating and displaying their Cisco Webex messaging content onto public screens, you empower them to be the voice and content creators for your brand. This results in increase of employee engagement and employee awareness of all the amazing moments your team has.

The world’s best companies use TINT to generate greater audience engagement and sales conversion with TINT.

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