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Your customers are your best marketers; they create and share amazing content about your brand on social media everyday. UGC Rights help you repurpose user generated content to make your own marketing better and more genuine.

Requesting UGC Rights

The first user generated creative

UGC Rights from TINT gives you access to your best user generated content. Connect your brand hashtag or best user accounts inside TINT to see the content come in. Pick the content you like, customize your terms and conditions, and send the request with one click. The original content owner just needs to respond with #yes and the content is all yours. What used to be a tricky and long legal process is now easy and automatic with TINT.


Show them you are listening

When you request content from members of your online community, you are also showing them that you appreciate their contribution to your brand. They LOVE that you are listening and asking, and studies have shown these fans are much more likely to share brand content again in the future. UGC Rights is a marketing tool that gives you real engagement.

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