We built ManagedUGC to answer a key brand problem, having access to the world’s most trusted UGC technologies is not enough for today’s enterprises – for brands to grow effectively through UGC creative, there is also need for a professional services layer that can manage and enhance UGC strategies across all marketing channels and activations, globally.

TINTs UGC experience with over 5000+ brand partners including Cisco, Nestle International, Coca Cola, Ogilvy, Toyota, Expedia, and Pernod Ricard has led to a deep and unique understanding of the global UGC landscape.

TINTs all-channel UGC technologies include: TINT, TINTmix, Experience Builder, and HUE (the most advanced UGC AI in the world) to allow for an unmatched product offering.

key brand UGC Experience
Technology Management

ManagedUGC provides an unparalleled business suite of services from technology to management consultancy.

We’re dedicated to making sure your brand is as successful as possible and that your teams are getting the best return on their investment.

ManagedUGC is deeply vested in delivering on the promise and power of consumer-led creative.

  • An integrated full-service offering from technology to core content services all dedicated to UGC
  • Unmatched experience in the UGC marketplace at a global level
  • Tangible experience working with the world’s largest and most prestigious brands and agencies
Pernod Ricard

Business problems we solve

The use case for User Generated Content (UGC) is disseminating into all aspects of the marketing funnel, as brands are engaging in the advantages of consumer-led creative the channels and ways that UGC can be applied are becoming more complex and tricky to manage across your global campaigns.

Technology access is not enough in today’s fast-paced always-on world. Strategy and delivery can take up your brand teams time and navigating the fast-moving world of social can be a full-time task.

ManagedUGC takes all this pain away, we are the trusted partners of some of the world’s leading enterprise brands, they trust us with their UGC needs, everything from the technology management and delivery, right through to UGC videography and more.

We’re proud to provide a unique business proposition of dedicated UGC technologies and world-class managed service to the world’s most successful enterprises.

“Our contacts at TINT have gone above and beyond to support NESCAFE’s global expansion across 50+ markets”


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Service packages are tailored to your ongoing needs and fall under the following areas of ManagedUGC:

  • UGC Strategy
  • UGC Videography
  • UGC Story Mining
  • Custom Web Services
  • SOOH (Social Out of Home)
  • UGC Rights Collection
  • Custom CSS & API Services
  • Content Moderation
  • Custom Live Design
  • UGC Project Management
  • UGC Playbooks
  • Insourcing
  • Custom Audit and Compliance
  • Custom UGC Analytics
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