Community Powered Marketing Ep. 13: New Years Resolutions – Elevating Your Marketing Through Community

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It can be sad to see a podcast season draw to a close. But when you focus on translating a season of learnings and insights into bite-sized, actionable steps to drive impact in the year ahead, it can become something to eagerly anticipate.

For the finale of season one, host Sue Frech brought together members of her  team to dish on the highlights of the season. With over 30 years of collective community marketing experience, Cathy Courtney, Vice President of Marketing, Mary Gilbert, Director, Business Development, and Jordan Ben, Brand and Marketing Strategist, identified key takeaways and shared how to translate all of the Community Powered Marketing podcast inspiration into impactful next steps. 

You’ll hear which episodes and guests challenged the panel members to think differently and what they took away from them. 

You’ll learn some of the ways community marketing is helping marketers face emerging challenges and actionable tips that you can use in the new year.

You’ll discover some of the brands whose initiatives and ideas are inspiring the panel as we move into the new year, including Drunk Elephant, Yumi, Little Spoon, Liquid IV, and Olly.

And you’ll be inspired to craft 2022 brand resolutions to harness the power of advocacy, insights, and engagement through community marketing.

Join Sue and her team as they discuss the lessons, inspirations, and insights they’ve taken from this season.


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