Community Powered Marketing Ep. 14: Consumer-guided Digital Marketing ft. Tiffany Pegues

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In this exciting episode, we sit down with Tiffany Pegues, Head of Social, Search, and CRM at Church & Dwight Co..

Tiffany shares insights into the digital strategies she leads, emphasizing the importance of authentic voices in brand communities and the power of consumer energy.

We discuss the challenges of keeping up with social media algorithms and the role of brand communities in advocacy.

Tiffany also provides valuable advice for marketers looking to start a brand-owned community.

Looking ahead in the year, she highlights the opportunities and challenges in social commerce and the significance of user-generated content. Plus, Tiffany shares her thoughts on AI’s role in revolutionizing marketing productivity.

Tune in for a dynamic discussion on the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing!

Tiffany Pegues
About Our Guest
Tiffany Pegues, Head of Social, Search & CRM – Church & Dwight Co., Inc.

Tiffany is a savvy and inventive senior-level marketing professional with expertise in P&L management, global strategy and innovation.

She’s held multiple marketing and leadership roles at major brands such as Church & Dwight, General Mills, and PPI beauty with deep experience in brand management, digital marketing, consumer advocacy & insights.

Tiffany describes herself as passionate about developing exceptional strategies that deliver growth with a foundation in consumer insights, digital marketing and differential new products.

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