Happy Marketer Connection Ep. 1: Sue Frech, Host of the Happy Marketer Connection & Marlea Clark, CMO of Stella Rising

Happy Marketer Connection Podcast

We’re committed to helping marketers work smarter. We’re excited to share the launch of the Happy Marketer Connection – an inspirational chat with impressive marketers discussing inventive strategies that are making an impact. 

Marketers know it’s the connections we make – between ideas, people, and brands –  that make all the difference. Each week, Happy Marketer Connection invites you to connect with our Co-Founder and CEO Sue Frech, Martech pioneer, and unfailing optimist, as she and her fellow passionate marketers explore engaging and inventive marketing strategies and toast brands making impactful consumer connections. 

Our inaugural episode features a conversation with Marlea Clark, CMO at digital agency Stella Rising, who connects with Sue on the theme of Evolution. Kick back, relax, and join our happy (half) hour of marketing inspiration and positivity and come away a happier and smarter marketer. We hope you enjoy!

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Marlea Clark, CMO of Stella Rising and guest of episode 1 of the Happy Marketer Connection podcast
About Our Guest
Marlea Clark, CMO, Stella Rising

Marlea is a strategic marketing executive with strong analytic, managerial, and interpersonal skills, and the soul of a get-it-done entrepreneur. She leads Stella Rising’s business growth consulting and insights practice, which advises both brand and buy-side financial institutions on the consumer and retail marketplace. She loves working collaboratively to drive results and help clients solve challenges.

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