Happy Marketer Connection Ep. 17: Tim Hayden, Brain+Trust on “Privacy + Profits”

Happy Marketer Connection Podcast

Brands need to act now, and act fast, to build direct peer-to-peer connections with their audiences. That’s the critical message Tim Hayden, CEO of Brain+Trust and an expert in data collection and protection, shared as he discussed “Privacy and Profits” on this week’s episode of Happy Marketer Connection podcast.

As privacy concerns – and the legislation they have inspired – continue to grow, brands need to be more transparent and thoughtful about building consumer relationships that will ensure continued profits. Tim believes that it is essential for marketers to look beyond the open rates on email and performance media analytics to truly understand their audience and ensure that they are able to remain relevant and provide them with meaningful value.

Hear how companies use your consumer data, the paradox between privacy and personalization, how you can leverage data as a business, the impact of the CCPA, and why Tim believes marketers need to move quickly to build direct consumer connections.

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Tim Hayden of Brain + Trust and gust of episode 17 on the Happy Marketer Connection podcast
About Our Guest
Tim Hayden, CEO, Brain + Trust

With more than 20 years of marketing and business leadership experience, Tim Hayden has been a founder of new ventures and a catalyst for transformational progress within some of the world’s largest brands. Part social anthropologist, part strategic business executive, Tim studies human behavior and how media and mobility are reshaping all of business. From operations to marketing and customer service, he assembles technology and communications initiatives that lead to efficiency and revenue growth.

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