Happy Marketer Connection Ep. 29: Michael Neuendorff of Build and Balance on “Connection”

Happy Marketer Connection Podcast

2020 was a year of making new connections. But how do you translate those digital links into meaningful relationships? Michael Neuendorff, President of Build and Balance, is an expert at LinkedIn and he shares best practices to enhance your digital brand and build lasting connections on this episode of Happy Marketer Connection podcast.

Hear how to connect with your audience, tips for optimizing your LinkedIn profile, how businesspeople connected before LinkedIn, how to stay dedicated to your work, and how Michael has kept his entrepreneurial spirit.

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About Our Guest
Michael Neuendorff, President, Build and Balance

Michael Neuendorff has a background of 25+ years of experience in providing business building services to business owners, executives and professionals to take their businesses and careers to new levels of success. He is certified as an executive coach, professional certified coach, sales trainer, and public speaking coach to deliver the best experiences for his clients.

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