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Get the scoop on social commerce

Social commerce can get complicated.

Social commerce (also called shoppable content)—selling products directly through social media channels—has grown into a massive enterprise. In 2017, the top 500 retailers earned an estimated $6.5 billion from social shopping. Social commerce has become too big to ignore. But also too complicated to easily master.

In 2017, the top 500 retailers earned an estimated $6.5 billion from social shopping.

How do you make the most of social advertising options?

Across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest and LinkedIn, there are several dozen display advertising options, each with their own requirements and capabilities.

So how does a savvy digital marketer know where—and when—to invest in the ads that will move the needle?

“Facebook users who install apps via playable ads are six times more likely to make in-app purchases”

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The simple guide to selling on social.

We spent some time exploring the universe of social commerce, and discovered some actionable insights. From our research, we created a simple, easy-to-use guide that compared all the major social media channels according to:

  • Size, reach and audience makeup
  • Best fit for marketing campaigns
  • Targeting capabilities
  • Ad formats
  • Success stories in the real world

“30% of Americans who earn above $75,000 per year use Twitter”

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Navigate your social commerce journey.

The result is our ebook “Selling on Social Media — Comparing the Top Platforms.” We took a deep dive into the stats that matter and studied all the ad formats, from the simple link ad with a static image to the latest Augmented Reality filters (thanks, Snapchat!). We’re hoping our explorations will help you better navigate your social commerce journey.

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