Streamline Campaigns with All-Inclusive Social Publishing & Scheduling

Our social media posting platform is a unique collection of social publishing features designed to streamline your marketing efforts. Manage branded, UGC, and creator social content – and plan, schedule, and publish the most relevant posts across multiple social media platforms – all in one centralized platform.

TINT Social Publishing

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Schedule social posts in advance

With our intuitive scheduling tool, you can plan your social media content in advance and schedule it to go live at the optimal times for your audience. Maintain a consistent social posting schedule and ensure your content reaches your followers when they’re most engaged.

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Publish across multiple platforms

TINT’s social media publisher makes it easy to post content to various platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more. Manage in one place, and reach your audience wherever they are while ensuring your content is perfect for each platform’s unique requirements and style.

Share the best social content every time

Effective social content strategies include a mix of brand, UGC, and creator and influencer content. With TINT, it’s easy to achieve a balance of social content on all your channels. 

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Save time creating new posts & tap into a never-ending stream of content

Creating every post from scratch is time consuming and UGC and creator content is more trusted by consumers. Never wonder what to post next as TINT helps you access and repurpose a constant stream of the very best authentic user-generated content.

Monitor performance and analytics

Explore detailed insights, analytics, and reporting features that allow you to track the performance of your social content and make data-driven decisions about your strategy. Track engagement, impressions, clicks, and more, and use this data to optimize your content for maximum impact.

Share and collaborate

Collaborate with your team members

Streamline your social media publishing workflow. Collaborate on social content creation, ensure all posts align with your brand guidelines, and view scheduled posts in a shared calendar to ensure there's always new content being shared.

Scheduler & Calendar

Send briefs and collect content from your favorite creators and influencers to build trust with potential buyers.

Campaign Management

Organize your social content and insights based on workflow, business objectives, and marketing campaigns to streamline performance analysis.

Content Studio

Create, organize, edit, and publish social content from a central location, find and use your best owned and earned content for visually engaging social posts.

Social Commerce

Increase engagement and purchase with high converting social content by publishing social media posts with product links and tags.

URL Tracking

Easily add tracking links to highlight visits from social content in Google Analytics and monitor referral traffic and conversions from social posts.

Customizable Link in Bio

Create completely custom visual landing pages and link-in-bio “links” in minutes.

Integrate with Your Favorite Platforms

Connect your marketing software in a few easy steps.

Social Publishing FAQs

TINT is not just any social publishing tool, it’s an all-in-one social content platform that will transform the way you approach marketing altogether.

With TINT, you can easily collect, curate, and publish UGC, ratings & reviews, influencer and creator content, and more across all your marketing channels – online and offline. Plus, TINT’s powerful moderation and analytics features make it easy to manage and measure the impact of your social content campaigns. Choose TINT for an all-in-one social publishing experience that’s all about convenience, efficiency, and results.

Absolutely! There are numerous benefits to using TINT social publishing for your brand. Here are just a few:

  1. Boost brand credibility: By showcasing user-generated content (UGC) from real customers, TINT social publishing helps build brand credibility and trust among your audience.

  2. Increase engagement: UGC is highly engaging and often outperforms branded content in terms of likes, comments, and shares. TINT makes it easy to curate and publish UGC, which can lead to increased engagement with your brand.

  3. Save time and resources: TINT’s all-in-one social content platform streamlines the process of collecting, curating, and publishing social content, saving you time and resources that can be better allocated to other aspects of your business.

  4. Gain valuable insights: TINT’s robust analytics features provide valuable insights into the performance of your social content campaigns, allowing you to optimize your strategy for maximum impact.

  5. Foster a sense of community: By showcasing UGC from real customers, TINT social publishing helps foster a sense of community around your brand, which can lead to increased loyalty and advocacy.

Overall, TINT social publishing is a powerful tool that can help take your brand’s social media presence to the next level.

At TINT, we believe in the power of consumer-led creative and the authentic voice of real users and customers. It’s at the core of everything we do and build.

While most platforms limit you to brand content, we understand that the best social content strategies require a balanced mix of brand, UGC, and creator and influencer content.

That’s why TINT provides a single platform to leverage the power of UGC, creators, influencers, and your own brand content – to empower you to create compelling social media experiences that resonate and inspire action.

TINT social publishing supports a wide range of channels, making it easy to curate and publish engaging social content across multiple platforms. Currently, TINT supports Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Hootsuite Amplify, with more connections expected to be added in the future. This means that you can collect UGC from a variety of sources and seamlessly publish it across your website, social media channels, and more.

Yes, you can track the performance of your social content with TINT Social Publishing. TINT’s robust analytics features provide valuable insights into the performance of your social content campaigns, allowing you to track metrics such as engagement, reach, and conversions across every stage of the funnel.

Additionally, TINT’s analytics dashboard provides real-time data and reporting, making it easy to share insights with your team. 

Whether you’re looking to boost engagement, increase conversions, or simply understand your audience, TINT social publishing has the tools you need to track and measure your social content performance.

No More Juggling Platforms. Streamline your Marketing Campaigns with TINT.