NEW! TINT launches the world’s first and only UGC integration with TikTok!

Bring the power of TikTok to UGC

Your users are connected to TikTok. Now TINT is too!

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If you’re Gen Z, you’re on TikTok. If you’re a brand targeting Gen Z, then TINT’s new social connection to TikTok is a game changer.

TINT’s new social connection lets you showcase the most relevant and engaging TikTok UGC on your website, in event walls and even your digital signage.

Browse trending videos, hashtags, avatars or use URL parameters to find the TikTok content that’s right for you.

TikTok Trending Videos
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Once you’ve found the TikTok videos you love, add them to your TINT board to be displayed on website, event walls or digital displays.

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