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We Are Team Tint

Our mission is to help organizations drive deeper relationships with their customers through social media.

About Tint

More than 40,000+ brands around the world today use Tint to aggregate, curate, and display ANY social media feeds ANYWHERE. Whether you’re a sports team, restaurant, hotel, or retail/e-commerce brand, Tint has features and integrations that will help you drive deeper relationships with your audiences through social media.

Connect any page, handle, hashtag, playlist, and/or tagged location from any social network, personalize it with our elegant, responsive templates, moderate which posts you want to display to curate the best content, and finally display it on any of your websites, mobile apps, retail TV displays, event walls, or huge jumbotrons.

“[Tint] should be a paradox that should cause the Universe to implode and create a black hole – but it doesn’t. Somehow, Tint pulls it off and makes it work.”
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Our Philosophy

Tint started as a “calculated” accident. Our team previously worked on a product similar to Tint, but in the consumer space, and it failed. Why? We didn’t listen to our users’ real problems, blinded by the dream to hit “virality” and gain fame.

We have flipped that mentality 180 degrees, now focusing on listening to our customers, solving real problems, and improving our platform constantly. As a result, we have not needed to raise tons of money and have evolved our risky startup to a profitable, multi-million dollar company in 1 year.

We are on your Team. We will stay transparent and authentic because creating long trusting relationships far outweigh a quick sale of our product. We will grow organically and sustainably to keep providing you value. We are open to hearing your feedback to improve our product. We will provide quality support to help you succeed with your goals.

The Team

Nik Aitharaju
Brandon Ancier
Head of Growth
Daniel Baldwin
Graphic Designer
Jonathan Bridges
Technical Support Hero
Andrew Burgess
Middle East Director
Ryo Chiba
Corey Colgan
Director of Sales
Kelly Del Curto
Happiness Hero
Gurtej Gill
Happiness Hero
Dan Hansen
Edward Hu
Happiness Hero
Oliver Knowles
European Sales & Marketing
Tony Lownds
Senior Software Engineer
Muriel MacDonald
Content Hero
Brett Markowitz
Ali Oral
Rohith Pottabathni
Lukas Prassinos
Product Manager
Tim Sae Koo
Joey Rideout
Developer Intern
Saachi Sharma
Happiness Hero
Alice Shen
Amrit Singh
Technical Support Engineer
Brad Singley
Happiness Hero
Colton Soref
Happiness Hero
Stuart Thompson
European Director
Joel Van Wert
UX Designer
Yang Wang
Jessica Young
Operations Happiness Hero
Nathan Zaru
Director of Marketing

Our Values

Tint's employees and customers depend on each other to grow to the next level. We rely on our values to guide us in the right direction through the journey of growing a sustainable company. Every so often, we set aside some time to update our values to make sure they still have meaning to us. These values give us the opportunity to grow both professionally and personally.

Trust yourself and trust others.
  • We ask for forgiveness rather than for permission.
  • We have autonomy and responsibility to grow the company in impactful ways.
  • We fail fast and often; that’s how we learn.
Cultivate transparency both internally and externally.
  • We share our minds freely even if that means challenging others.
  • We default to open and honest communication because transparency builds trust.
  • We include others in our decision-making processes.
  • We understand that transparency is a balancing act.
Stay humble; be tenacious.
  • We show gratitude and appreciation to others around us.
  • We stay level-headed because we are all on the same team.
  • We actively practice and acknowledge everyone’s feedforward.
  • We don’t let fear inhibit our aspirations.
Strive to be of value.
  • We understand that success is worth nothing unless we “move the needle” as a team.
  • We emphasize value and believe profit will follow.
  • We are doers, not just talkers.
Better yourself every day.
  • We strive to maintain a work/life balance because we are running a marathon, not a sprint.
  • We seek and accept challenges even if they make us uncomfortable.
  • We don’t expect perfection; we expect improvement.
  • We work smarter, not harder.
Seek to understand, and then to be understood.
  • We let respect guide our actions.
  • We work to identify and correct our unconscious biases.
  • We acknowledge that everyone’s definition of respect is different.

Our Inspiration

We wake up every day inspired to do what we do because of what our customers say about us. They love what we do, and we love helping them!

and there’s more where that came from...