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Events / DECA


70FT Size of TINT
14K Posts (over 4 days)

DECA went big with a 70 foot TINT in the Georgia Dome, and they saw BIG results! With #DECAICDC, "the impact was incredible," generating 8.7 million impressions and 14,000 tweets and instagram posts in just 4 days.

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Tourism / Travelocity


23M Impressions
26K Posts Aggregated
95% Of Visitors Scrolled Down and Loaded More Content

Travelocity used TINT to run "the most successful marketing campaign in their history" using a contest centered around their #IWannaGo. By giving away a dream vacation, Travelocity was able to inspire over 25,000 people to market their brand on Twitter, Instagram, or Vine to win the grand prize.

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Food & Beverage / Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme

36M Impressions
3K Posts Aggregated
Used TINT's API to customize the posts to look like donuts

Krispy Kreme has made their TINT fit perfectly with their brand's image. They were able to use TINT's API to make their posts display in the shape of a donut. With over 36 million impressions and 3 thousand aggregated posts, they have seen extraordinary engagement on both mobile and the web.

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Food & Beverage / Chipotle


3M Impressions
1,260 Posts Aggregated
37.5% Of site visitors scrolled through the TINT

Customers were hungry for content at the Chipotle Cultivate Festival and their hunger was fed. During this festival in San Francisco, Chipotle brought in 1,260 social posts and had over 3 million impressions over the span of a few days. The engagement was also incredible with over 37.5% of site visitors scrolling through the TINT to load more content!

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Non-Profits / American Heart Association

American Heart Association

9 Hours Amount of time #KCHeartWalk was trending on Twitter
260K People received #KCHeartWalk messaging in the live social media center
$850K Raised throughout the Heart Walk

The American Heart Association needed a way to engage participants in the Kansas City Heart Walk. They displayed a TINT at the Kansas City Heart Walk as well as a TINT on their website with a Call to Action saying "Donate Now." With the help of TINT, #KCHeartWalk trended in Kansas City for 9 hours and more than 260,000 attendees came into contact with the messaging in the live social media center. To top it off, over the course of that day the Heart Walk raised more than $850,000!

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Universities / George Washington University

George Washington University

2M People Reached
Trended Nationally and in DC

George Washington University used TINT to "surpass all of [their] expectectations" at their graduation ceremony on the National Mall. They were able to see #GWcommencement become trending in the U.S. and #GWcommencement and #GWU become trending for the entire day in Washington D.C.

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