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Through real people.

Let your community - the people that use, share and love your brand tell your story.

What is ?

TINT is a marketing technology platform that collects the best User Generated Content
(UGC) and amplifies it throughout your marketing efforts.

Collect the best photos, videos, reviews, and more about your brand from your community.

Pull them together from all different sources - social media channels, review sites, news sources and more - to tell one cohesive, authentic brand story.

Take full control of your content and show off the best version of you.

TINT's robust moderation options allow you to filter out unwanted content, leaving you with high-quality posts that drive more engagement and better represent your true brand story.

Consistently publish UGC across your marketing channels both on and offline.

Within minutes, TINT seamlessly integrates your content into website hubs, digital screens, ad units, social networks, print ads, e-mail, and more!

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“We rely heavily on TINT. Not only did we enable it across each of our 50+ NESCAFÉ websites, but it was also behind the biggest digital campaign the brand has launched globally… ever.”

Uncover your true brand story through your own customers and let them drive the narrative.

An authentic story translates to maximum ROI. By showcasing real content, by real people, you close the gap between a fictionalized story and brand reality. This translates to higher engagement and loyalty from your audience.

Join the 5,000+ brands in 172+ countries
using TINT to tell their brand stories.

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