Five takeaways from Tide’s #LaundryNight Campaign

Laundry Night-5 takeaways

Tide’s #LaundryNight advertising campaign has owned media across wires and wifi. Rarely do we see an awareness campaign engage such a multitude of audiences across a variety of demographics, channels, and consumer groups. Between laundry loads, we’ve put together five takeaways from Tide’s #LaundryNight Campaign.

8 Brands Who Nailed User Generated Content Marketing


User generated content (UGC) comes armed with a fistful of benefits.

For starters, it results in 29% higher web conversions and is 20% more influential than any other type of media – particularly when it comes to persuading Millennial buyers.

Understanding The Relationship Between Social Proof and Consumer Trust

relationship social

How many times have you visited a restaurant based on a recommendation from a friend?

It seems strange that, when we’re searching for a place to eat by ourselves, we end up going round and round in circles trying to choose. But, as soon as someone we know makes a suggestion, we’ve got our shoes on and are out the door.