How 4-H used TINT to grow their social media presence



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“We love TINT because it helps encourage engagement”

April Johnson

Marketing Coordinator

About 4-H

4-H is a national U.S. organization that identifies as the nation’s “largest positive youth development and youth mentoring organization.” They empower six million young people in the U.S. through research-backed, life-changing programs available through 4-H clubs, camps, afterschool & school enrichment programs in every county & parish in the U.S.

4-H uses TINT to engage their audience of 4-H youth, parents, volunteers and donors. Their national website features 4H news stories, including “stories” shared by 4-H participants on social media.

National 4H has also passed TINT on to their individual chapters for use at events, including their Texas 4-H chapter, which used TINT at the Texas 4-H Roundup.

Texas 4-H Roundup, the pinnacle event for Texas 4-H, was attended by over 4,000 4-H youth, most of whom qualified as individuals or teams at the county and district level. Texas 4-H used TINT as way to engage with everyone who attended throughout the three day event. They displayed TINT on screens throughout the event arena, including a social media booth where many 4-H youth would stop by and post a picture to Instagram just to see their face on the screen.

“Texas 4-H loves TINT because it encouraged engagement and grew Texas 4-H followers. TINT was also a great way for the youth to see what activities everyone was participating in. One of our favorite moments was when 4-H moms asked for help downloading Instagram just so they could upload a picture and have their kids on the big screen!”

Texas 4-H wanted to encourage people to follow them on Texas 4-H social media channels and TINT played a major role in helping Texas 4-H accomplish this goal.

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