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How Hero Cosmetics Increased Conversions by +21% in 100 Days with Sampling and Reviews

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In the first 100 days of launching the Hero Skin Squad Community, the brand achieved…


Increase in Net Promoter Score


Purchase Conversions


Increase in Average Spend Per Community Member


High-Quality Product Reviews 

Hero Cosmetics is a fast-growing premium beauty brand that empowers people with acne-prone skin achieve glowing results with its Hero Skin Squad community.

The Challenge:

The Hero Cosmetics marketing team wanted to cultivate relationships with consumers, foster co-creation and product innovation, and drive influential reviews and valuable insights. 

"We are incredibly excited to see the immediate impact our community is having on our brand. The Hero Skin Squad is actively sharing their positive experiences with our products, participating in product development, and helping us spread the word about our new launches. The activities and insights coming out of our community are creating great value for Hero."

A Dedicated Home for Targeted Product Trial and Brand Interaction

As a brand-owned asset, the Hero Skin Squad Community serves as a home base for consumers to connect with the Hero Cosmetics brand. Here, community members can participate in interactive brand experiences including social product sampling, promotional offers, surveys & polls, and engaging community discussions – all personalized based on first-party data. 

Hero Cosmetics Community
Hero Cosmetics Ratings and Reviews

Drive Conversion at Retail with Authentic, High-Quality Reviews and UGC

The Hero Skin Squad Community generates UGC and syndicates reviews across key online channels. From supporting the launch of 22 new products as Hero’s portfolio has expanded to boosting general brand awareness, community members are an army of advocates the brand has mobilized to drive conversion on its website, key e-commerce channels, and social media outlets.

Predictive Insights to Power Brand Innovation

With a full range of survey capabilities, Hero Cosmetics has an ongoing feedback loop to foster co-creation among consumers. From tracking new trends to designing new product innovation, an online brand community empowers the brand to foster passionate participation and serves as an engine for zero-party and first-party data ownership. 

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