How a team of 8 reached 1.15 million impressions at city-wide #SASW event



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Scaleworks is an organization focused on helping SaaS companies build, strategize, and grow revenue from $1 – 3 to $10+ million, through Venture Equity or Venture Financing. Their mission is to position their companies with the right people and growth activities to ensure success.

The Challenge

San Antonio Startup Week is an annual, week-long celebration of entrepreneurship and technology in the city’s downtown tech district. This year’s event featured 102 sessions, over 1,049 registrants, hundreds more who attended informal sessions, and an estimated 2,200 participants. A team of eight from Trinity University, 80/20 Foundation, San Antonio Business Calendar, Tech Bloc, Geekdom, and Scaleworks were responsible for organizing the entire week. The small team needed a timely, collaborative way to aggregate and moderate user-generated content (UGC) for the event. The team had a huge job ahead of them: planning keynotes, fireside chats, interactive panels, coworking tours, meetups, and happy hours, all spread across 14 different venues.

“We had 14 different venues which spread out a little over a mile of Houston Street, one of San Antonio’s main roads. On top of that, our small organizational team was only 8 people to pull together this city-wide event. None of us were full-time organizers–we all had day jobs.”

S. David Ramirez, Scaleworks

The Solution

The team searched for a tool that would aggregate, centralize, and moderate content before it was displayed, and TINT was the answer! TINT’s platform helped scale their efforts and aggregate top-performing UGC across 14 venues. They also utilized TINT’s mobile moderation app when non-affiliated companies tried to use the designated #SASW hashtag to divert engagement.

“For us, we really liked the mobile moderation. We noticed some folks outside of San Antonio were using our hashtag. They tried to post content to advertise their products but had no affiliation with our event. We were able to moderate on the fly and block content from these accounts.”

S. David Ramirez, Scaleworks

The Results

Event attendees were impressed with the look and feel of the social walls in each venue. Attendees would publish their tweets and Instagram posts, and see it up on screens almost instantaneously.






million impressions

TINT Analytics

TINT Analytics helped the team tally 1.15 million impressions from 502 social media posts during the week, identifying their most outspoken contributors.

“Looking at the analytics, 1.15 million impressions is a great metric for us. Considering how small our team and marketing budget was, things were really, really tight. We were running from venue to venue, and didn’t have time to invest in curating efforts. TINT made it all possible!”

S. David Ramirez, Scaleworks

Final Takeaway: Advice for Other Marketers

“TINT is a fantastic tool for someone who doesn’t know a lot of coding or about the technical side of marketing automation. You’re able to spend a little bit of time with a fantastic onboarder, play with the product, and you’re able to get it up and running over the course of a weekend with really very little hand-holding. It speaks tremendously to the potential and effectiveness of the tool!”

S. David Ramirez, Scaleworks

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