Hubspot + TINT

Boost campaign conversions with User Generated Content from your biggest fans

You know the importance of high-converting User Generated Content for all your marketing campaigns. You’re letting your fans tell your brand story with trustworthy UGC, and getting rights to legally repurpose that content across all your marketing campaigns. That’s why we integrate with Hubspot, so you can publish your favorite UGC across email, web, or social campaigns and drive 29% higher conversions.

Connect TINT to Hubspot in a Few Quick Steps:

Hubspot Integrating
Integration Permissions
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Log in and turn on the Hubspot Integration from your TINT dashboard

From your TINT dashboard, open the Marketing Integrations section. Click on the '+ Add Integration' button on the Hubspot Integration tab, and authorize TINT to import your rights-approved UGC.

Request Rights to Your Favorite UGC

In TINT, request rights to your favorite User Generated Content directly from the content piece’s shield. You can watch the full Right Request flow here.

Create Engaging Hubspot Campaigns from Rights-Approved UGC

In Hubspot's Media Library, you’ll notice a new folder labeled 'tint-media-files' that will automatically be created for you. Once your rights requests are approved, you’ll see your favorite UGC automatically update in your media library folder. Select your favorite UGC and you’re ready to create engaging, high-converting campaigns from your biggest fans and customers.

Key Benefits

Key Benefits
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Better Together

Video Production
Decrease costly video ad production—let your UGC tell your brand story.

Producing video content in-house is costly and takes time. With the Hubspot integration with TINT, you’ll streamline content production and have a variety of campaigns to use in no time.

Highlight Campaigns
Highlight your biggest fans in your campaigns once they’ve approved your rights request.

Easily praise your fans and customers when they approve your rights requests to use their UGC in your campaigns. It communicates you value their consent, makes them feel appreciated, and builds brand trust.

Campaign Performance
A/B test different rights-approved UGC and track campaign performance.

Easily measure which UGC-based campaigns perform better with your audience using Hubspot campaign tracking. You’ll automatically know which ads are the most engaging, so you can confidently recreate successful ad campaigns from your highest-performing UGC creatives.

Ready to boost your campaign conversions, build brand trust, and increase audience engagement with TINT?

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