Community Powered Marketing Ep. 12: Why Growth Shop Believes You Need a Community Now ft. Mark Patchett

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Today’s guest could be called a guru of growth. Over the past decade, he has focused on building lean growth teams to rapidly scale businesses, working obsessively to crack the blueprint of successful fast-growth companies. 

Along the way, he’s driven over $1 Billion in revenue, worked at over 250 companies, from hyper-growth startups to global brands, spent thousands of hours studying everything from UX to market research, built training programs, and so much more.  So naturally, when he launched his own business, it was christened the Growth Shop.

In today’s episode of Community Powered Marketing, Sue chats with Mark Patchett, founder of Growth Shop, an innovative growth marketing advisory and startup accelerator that works primarily with D2C eCommerce brands to help them create exponential and sustainable growth. They also devise, launch, scale and manage an ever-growing brand portfolio of their own, expanding it by 70x.

You’ll discover how Mark and the Growth Shop team developed their “secret sauce,” identifying the mechanics of successful and speedy growth that can be replicated time and time again for brands.

You’ll hear about the “unfair advantage” Mark and his team offer to their clients, leveraging the power of technology and community.

You’ll learn why he believes community is the outcome of really “getting it” and building a brand that resonates beyond the utility of the product or service you’re selling. 

You’ll explore how brands that gained during the pandemic can understand what comes next and work to retain loyalty. 

Join Sue and Mark as they discuss the ways community-building will be a key factor in brand development now and into the future.

About Our Guest
Mark Patchett, Founder, Growth Shop
Mark Patchett is an expert in things ecom/growth, with 10+ years building lean growth teams to rapidly scale businesses with over $1B in revenue-driven. He has experience working across 250+ companies from hyper-growth startups through to global brands like The BBC, The Economist, Channel 4 and Qantas as well as 100s of Mid Market enterprises. Mark has managed over $150m in advertising spend across almost every channel out there (with an obsessive focus on efficiency), spent 1,000s of hours in UX, customer, competitor and market research, launched his own businesses, built training programs and much more – and he’s loved every minute with plenty more to come.
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