Happy Marketer Connection Ep. 19: Zachary Weinberg of Gartner on “eCommerce Trends"

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It is a time of explosive growth and transformation in the realm of eCommerce. Almost overnight, eCommerce penetration has grown from 20% to 30%. And services like “Click and Collect” have ballooned in adoption. Zachary Weinberg, Director of Amazon Advisory at Gartner, is right in the thick of it. An expert at the forefront of e-marketing and e-tailing, he shares his take on “eCommerce trends” in this week’s episode of Happy Marketer Connection.

Zachary helps marketers understand the rapidly changing eCommerce landscape, and how to achieve success on Amazon, drawing on his diverse background in digital marketing and eCommerce. Hear how eCommerce has changed in recent years, how to dominate your category on Amazon, what the top brands are learning from challenger and DTC brands and what new e-tailing trends he believes are here to stay.

Marketers at the beginning of their career will also benefit from Zachary’s advice on how to develop their path, what you can learn from failure, and the importance of being comfortable with ambiguity.

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Zachary Weinberg from Gartner, guest on episode 19 of the Happy Marketer Connection podcast
About Our Guest
Zachary Weinberg, Director of Amazon Advisory, Gartner

Zachary is a highly analytical and quantitatively focused digital commerce expert with 12+ years of experience across Amazon & DTC. As a hands-on and detail-oriented professional, Zachary helps marketers understand the rapidly changing eCommerce landscape and has a track record in delivering end-to-end business results from strategy to execution.

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