Happy Marketer Connection Ep. 20: Dustin Finkel of Ka-Pop! on “Relationships"

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This is a time that has left many of us feeling disconnected. So this week’s episode is a timely reminder of the importance of relationships. Dustin Finkel, Founder and CEO of Ancient inGRAINed Snack Co, makers of Ka-Pop!, has seen his belief in the power of relationships pay off throughout his career. In fact, a chance meeting and conversation on a plane ended with a $50,000 check to start his own company. Dustin shares his journey and insights into the importance of investing in your network on this week’s “Relationship” themed episode of Happy Marketer Connection.

Dustin, a successful businessperson and passionate entrepreneur, is an advocate of continually connecting. He shares his approach to relationship-building and explains why it’s critical to be reaching out now.

Hear how to grow your network, create beneficial relationships across industries, how he created Ka-Pop!, his experiences on Shark Tank and QVC, and why it is essential to have a solid financial understanding of your company.

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Dustin Finkel of Ka-Pop!, guest on episode 20 of the Happy Marketer Connection podcast
About Our Guest
Dustin Finkel, Founder and CEO, Ka-Pop!

As seen on Shark Tank and QVC, Dustin is a passionate entrepreneur and successful business person. His background varies from blue-chip multinationals such as Goldman Sachs and Kellogg Food Company, to smaller start-ups such as eLodging Solutions and White Wave. Today, he is a leader in the natural food industry as Founder and CEO of Ancient inGRAINed Snack Co, makers of Ka-Pop!

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