Happy Marketer Connection Ep. 26: April Martini of Forthright People on “Personal Branding”

Happy Marketer Connection Podcast

Who are you? How are you different? Why would others want you to be a part of their organization?

Do you have the answers to these questions? If so, you’ve got a good start toward defining your personal brand. April Martini, the CoFounder of Forthright People, believes it is critical to develop and cultivate your personal brand so that others don’t define it for you, or worse, you don’t end up being overlooked or forgotten. This episode of Happy Marketer Connection focuses on how to develop a compelling and authentic personal brand that will reflect – and sell – your true self to the world.

Hear the key essentials for building your personal brand and steps to get started, ways to balance the focus on your personal brand vs. the company brand, how to approach finding the right business partner, moving projects forward without delays, and the benefits of working with small businesses.

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About Our Guest
April Martini, Co-Founder, Forthright People

April Martini is a believer that learning never stops, and the more experiences we amass, the better we are able to solve life’s many challenge. After spending 15 years of her career exploring agency life, she now brings her expertise to help others do better business, especially when it comes to building new capabilities and the teams to support them.

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