Happy Marketer Connection Ep. 28: Jay Wong of Podcast Your Brand on “Progress Over Perfection”

Happy Marketer Connection Podcast

It’s not about cashing in, but about having sustainability and growth. That’s the mission driving Jay Wong, Founder of Podcast Your Brand, to help business leaders and marketers realize the potential of podcasting. You see, Jay believes in the power of podcasts as he’s seen it help his own business thrive. And on this episode of the Happy Marketer Connection, he shares how to take podcasts beyond marketing and branding to help businesses get massive ROI and create lasting momentum.

Hear how to decide the theme of your podcast, whether a podcast is right for your brand, how to build a community with your podcast, the triangle effect from a strong podcast, email list, and private group, and how Jay takes an agency approach to podcasting.

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About Our Guest
David Wong, CEO, Podcast Your Brand

Jay Wong is a pioneer in the podcasting space. As Founder and CEO of Podcast Your Brand, he leads a premiere white-glove marketing agency that specializes in launching Top 100 shows and helping B2B / tech brands grow their communities and dominate their category.

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