Happy Marketer Connection Ep. 3: Gina Bonafede, Director of Marketing for DAS Companies on “Connection Marketing”

Happy Marketer Connection Podcast

Gina Bonafede, the Director of Marketing for DAS Companies, joins Happy Marketer Connection to discuss Connection Marketing. Hear how DAS built an online community of passionate truck drivers, why you always need to focus on the customer, how online communities build connections between brands and customers, crafting your messaging during challenging times, and Gina’s favorite happy hour treats. 

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Gina Bonafede of DAS Companies and guest on episode 3 of the Happy Marketer Connection podcast
About Our Guest
Gina Bonafede, Director of Marketing, DAS Companies

Gina Bonafede is the Director of Marketing for DAS Companies. With a customer-first approach to connection marketing, Gina has lead initiatives for DAS that have led to the development of dynamic and positive brand-consumer relationships that have been pivotal for the company. 

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