Happy Marketer Connection Ep. 30: Ken Lempit of Austin Lawrence Group on “Business Manifestation”

Happy Marketer Connection Podcast

As you look to the year ahead, how can you ensure success in your business and life? Ken Lempit believes that “Business Manifestation” is the key. He shares the ways to manifest success and grow your business on this episode of Happy Marketer Connection podcast.

Hear how to manifest success in your business and life, lower your churn rate, the most common mistakes CEOs make, how to grow as a SaaS company, and Ken’s transition from the corporate world to his family business.

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About Our Guest
Ken Lempit, President, Austin Lawrence Group

More than two decades of experience in advertising, public relations and marketing for clients from pre-launch to Global 50 in size have helped Ken to emerge as a recognized expert in the art and science of B2B marketing. As president of Austin Lawrence Group, he repositioned the boutique agency from traditional integrated marketing communications to services focused on driving opportunity via the web: strategy consulting, inbound marketing and creative implementation.

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