Happy Marketer Connection Ep. 6: Chris Pyne, Junction 37 on “Values”

Happy Marketer Connection Podcast

In this week’s podcast,  Happy Marketer Connection welcomes Chris Pyne, the founder and President of Junction 37, to discuss the theme of values. Chris shared a lot of value (forgive us, we couldn’t resist) in talking about his agency and his commitment to achieving social good as well as a profit.

Hear from Chris how to establish strong company values and maintain discipline as part of your company culture, as well as the eye-opening moment in year one that solidified his belief in chasing the passion and not the dollars. Chris also shares the traits he looks for when hiring, and his approach to the “real interview” – the first 3-6 months on the job. And learn about his journey to starting his own agency, as well as the ways he is helping brands on their journey, especially during this time of monumental change. 

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Christ Pyne, Founder and President of Junction 37 and guest of episode 6 of the Happy Marketer Connection
About Our Guest
Chris Pyne, Founder and President, Junction 37

Chris Pyne is the founder and President of Junction 37, a full service performance agency, born out of media, delivering billion dollar thinking for million dollars brands. With over 20 years of experience in media, Chris has extensive knowledge on what brands today are looking for and he has committed his agency to achieving social good as well as a profit.

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