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BuzzBallz is a line of premixed, ready-to-drink alcoholic cocktails known for their convenience and variety of flavors.

The Challenge:

BuzzBallz was on a mission to reinvent Happy Hour and create fun, innovative cocktails for the world. Activating targeted peer influencers was just what they needed to get the party started.

Mobilize Ideal Consumers

Brands are often stuck playing hide and seek with target consumers, and BuzzBallz knew getting the right people to talk about their brand would boost awareness and drive conversion.

Vesta’s segmentation engine identifies ideal consumer segments through progressive profile information, customized surveys, and API-connected social data. The brand mobilized 1,000 socially-connected men and women, ages 22-44 who enjoy outdoor activities, evening relaxation, and of course, a good party. 

Peer influencers
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Deliver an Engaging Brand Experience

Vesta’s robust activation capabilities made it easy for BuzzBallz to deliver a unique offline-to-online brand experience, complete with exclusive brand swag.

Spark High-Quality Reviews Across Key Online Channels

Now we’re talking. With Vesta’s suite of social sharing tools powered by its proprietary Single-Click Sharing™ technology, BuzzBallz drove thousands of posts, reviews, photos, comments, and more across key online channels such as Google Reviews, targeted liquor stores and social media sites.

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