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Culturelle is America’s most trusted probiotic brand, focused on supporting the overall health and wellbeing of families worldwide.

The Challenge:

Digestive and Probiotic brand, Culturelle, aimed to spark meaningful conversation among parent audiences while activating authentic word-of-mouth through targeted product experiences.

"Our community was extremely engaged, whether it was helping pick a new flavor for our next product launch, trialing a new product, or posting on their social channels to drive advocacy amongst other parents."

A Brand-Owned Home for Target Consumers to Engage

As a brand-owned asset, the Culturelle Clubhouse serves as a home base for customers to connect with the Culturelle brand. Here, community members can participate in interactive digital experiences – personalized based on first-party data – including tailored offers, relevant discussions, fun activities, and more.

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Culturelle getting to know you survey

Actionable Data For Predictive Insights

Trends move fast, especially in a rapidly approaching post-COVID world. The Culturelle Clubhouse offers the brand access to feedback to inform business decisions, from audience segmentation to packaging and creative.

Authentic Advocacy Drives New Purchase

Culturelle knows how important social proof and referrals are to driving sales. Through their community, the brand can mobilize and activate targeted consumers to share their Culturelle experience with reviews, UGC photos and videos, and much more.

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