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Solving the content scale challenge with UGC

10 years ago hospitality marketing teams had the job of creating a handful of content for print ads, website assets, and maybe a couple of billboards. Now, with that same budget, they are expected to create hundreds of pieces of content for booking pages, mobile sites, social ads, e-mail newsletters – the list is endless. 

So how do hotels manage to fill all these marketing channels with great content, keeping guests engaged throughout the buyer journey, without putting a strain on their budget?

Loews Hotels is one of the first hotels in the space to solve this challenge.

The solution? Guest-generated content.

Loews uses several tactics including award-winning campaigns like #TravelForReal to generate thousands of pieces of engaging content that their marketing team can repurpose in magazines, advertising, and booking pages. And with TINT they can scale it quickly, without having to burn through their budget.

Travel For Real results:


increase in social engagement


increase time spent on bookings page



increase in revenue from brand-site bookings



approval rate through TINT Content Rights

“To us it’s the relationship we have with TINT. As a TINT customer not only do we have access to the powerful platform, but also to the wealth of industry knowledge their team has. The insights and collaboration are invaluable.”

Simon Kopec, Loews Hotels & Co, Director of Social Media and Content Strategy

Finding the top 1% of guest content

One challenge with UGC is that a lot of content out there is not high quality content, but that doesn’t stop Loews from finding the best guest-generated content in minutes.

With TINT solutions like machine learning, advanced moderation and content filters, Loews is able to quickly narrow down searches to find the top 1% of high quality content, without having to scroll through thousands of pages posts.

The hotel content team is able to hone in on specific content to fill lobby screens in Miami with iconic South Beach imagery, and billboards in Hollywood with pictures of poolside visitors enjoying the LA summers.

Loews takes pride in creating personalized experiences for their guests, making them feel at home, and with TINT they are able to personalize every marketing channel.

Using emotional engagement to keep guests coming back

The secret behind the powerful #TravelForReal UGC campaign and Loews’ marketing success isn’t just due to their ability to scale content, but to use content that celebrates their guests and creates an emotional attachment to the brand. 

They showcase guest content on keycard inserts and magazine ads, highlighting all the wonderful experiences they have with the brand. This not only makes for organic and engaging marketing assets, but shows other guests that they also have a chance to be celebrated, and that Loews cares about them.

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