Learn how NASDAQ uses TINT across each of their marketing touchpoints



Top Use Cases

“Legal constraints regarding social media are fuzzy. TINT makes it easy”

Joshua Machiz

Director of Integrated Marketing

NASDAQ uses TINT to incorporate social media for many of their IPOs, including Virgin America, ETSY, Zebra, LGI Homes TrueCar, and Biogen to name a few.

TINT works for NASDAQ because the social hubs are easy and quick to create for each new IPO, and because the content is moderated and controlled, which is critical for such high-stakes public events.

On the day of a big IPO there are so many moving pieces that the NASDAQ team is always on the move. “What makes TINT the best is it allows us to easily approve content on the go from the app” says Joshua Machiz, Director of Integrated Marketing AT NASDAQ.

“It’s so fast and configurable…We love TINT”

NASDAQ uses TINT across multiple channels for each event: on their Jumbotron in Times Square, TV screens on their first floor as a backdrop for the TV host and guests who ring the closing bell for the stock exchange, on multimedia interactive touch screens in their 2nd floor “media room” and embedded on their website.

NASDAQ has used TINT for two years now, and constantly hears positive feedback from the CEOs and consumers that get to see the social media buzz around their IPO incorporated into the event.

“We love TINT, it’s such an amazing company, we’re happy to be a part of it.”

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