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How TAZO Chai Tea Increased Trial at Key Retailers with Peer Influencers

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Since 1994, TAZO has been on a quest to be the world’s most unexpected tea makers and to blend unexpected flavors into homes across the globe.

The Challenge:

With thousand of tea products in the market, TAZO needed a way to boost awareness of its new product and drive trial in key retail stores such as Target, Publix, Wegmans, Kroger and Safeway.

"We chose Vesta’s Smiley360 community to help drive awareness, social conversation, and trial for our brand, TAZO Chai Tea. Leveraging Smiley360 allowed us to not only target the right people to talk about our brand, but to do so in an authentic and scalable way. Our Smiley "Mission" sparked thousands of pieces of user-generated content and drove key business objectives. In the crowded space of social and influencer marketing offerings, Vesta’s Smiley360 Community has been a key partner and we are continuously pleased with the results."

Activated 4,100 Tea Lovers in the Smiley360 Peer Influencer Community

Using our robust segmentation capabilities, we identified participants within TAZO’s key consumer target—men and women between the ages of 25 and 54 who are avid tea drinkers, take interest in trying new foods and drinks with interesting flavors, and who shop at specific retailers.

Images of TAZO Chai Tea. And images of the target consumer in circles.
TAZO tea brand experience

Delivered a Custom Brand Experience with TAZO Chai Tea

Targeted influencers were invited to join the TAZO Mission and receive full-value coupons to redeem in-store as well as branded sharing materials.

Drove Brand Advocacy and Social Proof Across Social Media 

Using the hashtag #SweetMeetsSpicy, the user-generated content ranged from pictures of tea-lovers enjoying the new TAZO flavor to reviews of the taste.

Images of TAZO UGC
Image of a woman looking at a laptop with a cup of tea

Drove Conversion Among Friends with Special Word-of-Mouth Coupon

To further benefit from the content created and drive in-store purchases, each post contained a special call-to-action link to a $2-off digital coupon.

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