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How Veggies Made Great Grew Sales By +20% With Community

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Veggies Made Great is on a mission to get America hooked on veggies, and offers healthy, delicious food choices for the whole family. They knew they had passionate fans, but were looking for a way to activate their consumers and grow deeper connections with them.

The Challenge:

Veggies Made Great recognized the power of a consumer community and had taken steps to try to build their own. But without the right tools and the expertise, they were struggling to effectively manage its daily operations and to maximize its potential for social advocacy and shopper marketing.

"Most importantly for us, as a CPG company, so many of our marketing communication objectives are to drive in-store sales and that's so hard to do with online, digital channels. But the community has really leant itself to being able to drive offline or in store sales by creating these missions for consumers to engage at a retail level."

A Community Grows Audience Engagement

The Veggies Made Great Community welcomes the brand’s fans (aka, “Veg Heads”) to connect with fellow health-conscious consumers and the brand. A welcoming destination for busy parents looking to make good choices for their families, it provides helpful information and inspiration, from supportive conversations to access to health and wellness experts. A generous helping of fun is in the mix too, with insider access to try new product and fun WOM activities.

Veggies Made Great Community

Shopper Marketing & Social Advocacy Mission Yields Greater Awareness

The Veggies Made Great Community has allowed the brand to activate its fans to share their excitement for its products and build brand awareness. One campaign asked “Veg Heads” to “plant” discount coupons in stores nationwide, then spread the word on social media. The fun members had in surprising fellow shoppers with coupons was surpassed only by the results generated. 

Creating Emotional Loyalty with Consumers

Consumers have never been less loyal. For Veggies Made Great, that means loyalty is up for grabs and it is critical to secure wallet share and maintain brand equity. Through a personalized, engaging and fun community, Veggies Made Great harnesses the power of its most diehard fans.

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