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Stripes, a fast-growing holistic menopause solutions brand founded by actress Naomi Watts, aims to empower women to embrace midlife and to take away the stigma, shame, and anxiety of experiencing menopause.

The Challenge:

To fuel awareness, trial, and advocacy for the brand’s launch and beyond, Stripes created the Hot Spot community as a dedicated space for consumers to connect with the brand and find support in navigating their midlife journey.

"Naomi [Watts] wanted to disrupt in the market. She thought about how to create a brand where women will feel confident to talk about menopause, and create and empower a community to talk about it. And that's what we did. We co-created Stripes from the beginning and the brand is doing really well today."

A Key Asset to Launch the Stripes Brand and Product Portfolio With Authentic Social Proof

The Hot Spot is a critical channel to support the launch of the Stripes brand and product portfolio of 12+ products by inspiring influential brand advocacy, authentic social proof, and honest product reviews that drive velocity on ecommerce channels.

Stripes Community
Stripes Community Forum

A Place to Promote Meaningful Brand Conversations

The Hot Spot is a dedicated brand destination to elevate awareness of Stripe’s benefits and be a channel for meaningful conversations around midlife and storytelling among consumers.

Building a Powerful and Actionable Owned Data Engine

As an always-on channel to connect with consumers, Stripes can easily capture key insights about consumers’ behavior, needs, and interests to build a powerful and actionable owned data engine to fuel data-driven personalized engagement and community connection.

Stripes Community
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