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Your supporters love you - make it easy for them to share your message with the world. With a customized social hub you can encourage that passionate and active audience to get involved and stay engaged with you on social media.

TINT is the #1 social display platform used by good people to do good things around the world.

Non-profits that use TINT

Turn social posts into donations

Combine inspiring social posts with “Donate Now” buttons and beat your fundraising goal every time.

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Activate your audience during an event

Stage a social media takeover - promote your hashtag by showcasing photos on the big screen and get everyone sharing the cause they care about.

Bring your impact online

The average lifespan of a tweet is 18 minutes. Extend the life of powerful user-generated content by letting it live on your homepage or an event landing page for all to see. Your cause reaches more people, and your website gets fresh and genuine social content advocating for your cause.

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