Consumer trends are moving quicker than ever these days. And for ice cream brands competing in a market estimated to be worth $121.02 billion by 2028, ongoing and timely consumer research is essential to make sure demand doesn’t melt away.  

We’ve seen how seriously consumers take their ice cream – the earth nearly stopped spinning when it was recently announced that the Choco Taco was being discontinued. So we’re advising that brands take on consumer research with just as much passion.

Consumer insights research should be a continuous effort to help you better refine your messaging and maximize your bottom line. It’s the cherry on top of your marketing strategy – it just wouldn’t be complete without it. 

How an Online Community Can Help with Brand Harmony

Brand Harmony is the ultimate goal businesses strive for – to have your brand, product, packaging, and messaging in alignment with each other.

It’s about making sure that the product placed in the hands of consumers meets the expectations set by your marketing.

And an online community supports this mission by being an always-on source of insights, enabling you to tap into your consumers to stay on top of preferences and trends, collect actionable feedback, optimize creative, and more.

Emotional Profiling Survey 

To learn more about consumer perception and purchase behavior surrounding ice cream brands, we ran an emotional profiling survey on targeted members of our Smiley360 Community. 

Conducting an associative exercise among participants known as MaxDiff to emotionally profile each ice cream brand, we were able to gain significant knowledge on brand resonance and actionable insights for four top ice cream brands​: Ben & Jerry’s, Breyers, Halo Top, and Talenti.

Take a look at what we found. 

The Scoop on Brand Harmony for Ice Cream Brands

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