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TINT Intern: When Students and Startups Come Together

Career Development 4 min read
The TINT Experience The global pandemic may have halted the world as we know it, but I didn’t let COVID-19 interfere with my TINT internship. This summer, as a TINT intern, I challenged the status quo and gained a new perspective on the multifaceted... Read More

Hospitality Marketing in a Post COVID-19 World

Content Marketing 5 min read
While the whole world has been upended by the coronavirus pandemic, the hospitality industry has been hit particularly hard. Between business travelers being grounded at home and municipalities shutting down restaurants, festivals, and cultural institutions,... Read More

To Pay or Not to Pay? Paying for UGC

Content Marketing 6 min read
We are frequently asked, “Does paying for UGC make it more legal?” The idea of receiving beautiful, high-quality content for free can seem questionable in a world where many marketing engines are powered by over-priced influencers. Rather than paying to... Read More

Digital Event Strategist – Sample Job Description

Digital Marketing 4 min read
Marketers are known for their ability to analyze, adapt, and conquer. Changes in the world have created new marketing roles, like Digital Event Strategist, that are the future of the marketing and communications professions.  Digital activations of any kind... Read More

Virtual Graduation: Pomp and Circumstance Online

Events 5 min read
Academic graduations have been held as significant scholastic ceremonies for over 800 years, but in the face of COVID-19 virtual graduation has become the new normal. Academic events are important cornerstones of society. UNESCO recognizes these social... Read More

Facebook Shops: Using UGC to Drive Social Ecommerce Conversions

Shoppable & e-commerce 4 min read
The COVID-19 pandemic has completely changed our way of life, with Main Street’s brick-and-mortar retailers seeing their businesses get upended. Between state and local shelter-at-home mandates and consumers’ general unease in venturing out, small... Read More

Introducing TINT Virtual Events

Product Releases < 1 min read
Today we’ve launched Virtual Events as the newest tool in TINT Experience Builder! You can now create beautiful, immersive online events designed with audience engagement in mind.  Launch a TINT Virtual Event in minutes, make an impact that lasts a... Read More

9 Lessons Learned from WordCamp San Antonio

Events 10 min read
WordCamp San Antonio was preparing for its fourth conference when COVID-19 struck. The organizers swiftly made a decision to convert the event to a virtual activation. Their team had two weeks to turn a two-day conference into the world’s first all-virtual... Read More

The Ultimate Guide to Getting Started with UGC

Digital Marketing 10 min read
Brands have known the power of word-of-mouth marketing for years—the opinion of a family member, friend or colleague can make or break the decision to purchase a new car, eat at a particular restaurant or sign on for an enterprise software solution. And... Read More

UGC Rights and Embedding Social Platform Posts

Digital Marketing 4 min read
When it comes to user-generated content, many brands still aren’t aware that the users retain the copyrights to the content that they post. But here’s a spoiler for you: they do. In fact, if you don’t explicitly ask permission from a consumer to... Read More

User-generated content vs eWord-of-Mouth (UGC vs eWOM)

Research & Insights 5 min read
There are many variants: Digital word of mouth, electronic word of mouth (eWOM), user-created content, and user-generated content (UGC). This inconsistency often raises questions about the proper term of art for marketing and communications professionals.... Read More