Like most marketers, we are big fans of brand advocacy. Harnessing the power of your best consumers to find your next consumers drives powerful impact for your brand. It influences purchase decision-making through ratings and reviews. Elevates awareness and conversions through Word-of-Mouth (WOM) buzz. And showcases your product or service through authentic and trusted user-generated content (UGC).   It’s not just about getting the word out about your brand; it’s about using the most powerful messengers to do it. But how can you empower your raging advocates to shout your name from the rooftops? If you’re looking for some inspiration for your brand advocacy campaigns, there’s no better way to start than by looking at what other brands have done. Here are 4 of our favorite brand advocacy campaigns that got it right. 

Snapple Straight Up Tea Assures Product Launch Success

Whenever a brand launches a new product, there’s always risk involved. It’s estimated that 70-80% of new grocery store products will fail. Snapple wanted to ensure it would beat the odds when they launched their new product, Snapple Straight Up Tea. They needed to make sure that their new product was fresh in the minds of consumers everywhere, and to support sell-through at key retailers like Target. So Snapple turned to social advocacy to amplify retail promotions and boost conversions. They used targeted peer influencers to drive in-store awareness and conversion of a mobile app coupon specifically for their brand new product. With their own guerilla marketing team of 1,200 influential Target shoppers generating buzz and excitement, Snapple was able to stand out on the shelf in a highly competitive retailer.  As a result of its social advocacy campaign, Snapple increased its online share of voice by 25% and achieved a coupon redemption rate double the industry standard.  Read the case study here!

Hero Cosmetics Creates Pipeline of Ratings & Reviews

Driving reviews is one of the most important benefits of brand advocacy, especially when you consider that 93% of consumers are influenced by a product’s online reviews.  Hero Cosmetics understands this, and with their online brand community, the Hero Skin Squad, they were able to mobilize consumer engagement efforts to drive retail reviews. Through a combination of branded content and targeted sampling efforts, they are able to generate consistent and authentic reviews.  It all started with the creation of their online community, a “home base” where the brand’s relationship with members are nurtured through engaging, interactive brand experiences such as social sampling, promo offers, surveys, and more. This ready-made pool of advocates can be called on to deliver authentic ratings and reviews to power e-commerce and retail success.  Hero Cosmetic’s brand advocacy campaign drove over 400 authentic reviews in just the first 100 days, as well as a 19% increase in Net Promoter Score.  Read the case study here!

Adidas Builds Relationships To Build Referrals

Adidas is up front about the impact that brand advocacy has on its business.  Their 2016 Annual Report highlighted its benefits:   “We firmly believe that advocacy will create sustained growth for our brands, underpinned by the fact that brand advocates, on average, buy more than non-advocates. In addition, a large part of our consumers rely on referrals from friends or family when making purchasing decisions.” Adidas cultivates this advocacy by making consumers feel special and giving them buzz-worthy content to share. The Adidas vision for brand advocacy is reflected in their online community—The adiClub. The club rewards loyal customers with exclusive access to special products, experiences, and services. The program doesn’t just reward Members for purchases: Advocates receive rewards for engaging with the brand by attending events, sharing referrals, and uploading user-generated content, among other things.  Adidas has also launched the Creator’s Club Week, a digital festival to show off the latest innovations, freshest designs, and sustainable products to the world. Participants have access to the brand’s largest drop of limited edition shoes, as well as raffles for unique creations.

Tesla Incentivizes Word of Mouth Referrals

How did Tesla reach the pinnacle of brand awareness despite having zero advertising budget?  The answer: Brand advocates.  Tesla’s success doesn’t solely revolve around its mission-driven and dynamic CEO. The company understands the importance of word-of-mouth marketing and how consumers trust the word of friends, co-workers, and family members over the brand itself.  So Tesla developed a tailored referral program that incentivized its customers to become active advocates. Owners could share referral links that awarded them and the new buyer with prizes upon purchase, including free Roadsters for super-referrers.  Tesla also connects with its community through customer forums and an owners club where they make consumers feel valued. All of this has helped turn their customers into raving advocates. 

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