Category: Influencer Marketing

Understanding the Importance of UGC User Rights

Digital Marketing 5 min read
Many brands have found the power in user-generated content (UGC) to promote their products. Seeing photos of customers and influencers with a product is the digital incarnation of word-of-mouth marketing, one of the most powerful ways to convert prospects to... Read More

How Hospitality Brands Can ‘Wow’ Influencers

Influencer Marketing 5 min read
The currency on social media is attention and exposure. And since influencers hold the attention of loyal followers—with a trend of smaller micro and nanoinfluencers having an impact on their audience—making them a part of your brand’s social media... Read More

5 Ways to Encourage Guests to Post About Your Hotel

Content Marketing 4 min read
Getting people to talk about your property doesn’t just happen on its own. Creating a community willing to show photos of their trip is something that takes effort and the right strategy. We’ve put together five ways to encourage guests to share their... Read More

How Brands Can Build Authentic Influencer Relationships.

Influencer Marketing 9 min read
Brands and agencies are spending more than ever on influencer marketing. The influencer and content creator industry is booming with people and money. To maximize opportunity, brands and agencies need to focus on how they can build authentic influencer... Read More

7 Essential Tools For Your Brand Ambassador Program

Influencer Marketing 5 min read
Word of mouth marketing is exceptionally powerful, and the internet has allowed for this traditional form of marketing to have viral potential. Instead of one raving fan telling a few of their best friends about a product, now they can upload a quick Facebook... Read More

The History and Evolution of Marketing Influencers

Influencer Marketing 8 min read
For a long time, businesses have used celebrities and iconic figures to promote their products, and there’s no sign of this stopping anytime soon. In fact, you might have heard the term influencer marketing bandied around the web recently, which refers to... Read More