For more than a decade, TINT has understood the transformative power of authentic user-generated content. It’s the candid photo shared by a satisfied customer, the review that speaks volumes about a product’s efficacy, and the user-created video that captures those genuine moments of joyous experiences that you seek to deliver with your brand’s products and services.

These expressions wield a unique influence, shaping perceptions and steering purchase decisions in ways that traditional marketing falls short, and have endured the test of time as the ultimate beacons of trust. 

Brands that harness the power of UGC position themselves not only as active participants in the conversation but also as genuine contributors to the stories that unfold. The images, videos, and experiences shared serve as the building blocks upon which brands can cultivate lasting relationships with their customers. We’re proud to enable these relationships between brand and customer.

What Lies Ahead in 2024: Embracing Community Powered Marketing

As a brand’s UGC journey unfolds, our team hears a common question: “How can we deepen connections with our community of passionate consumers and create more conversation?” And ever since our earliest brand customers, marketers have turned to us to help build their army of advocates. 

Over the years, this type of community-building has evolved into a fundamental pillar of modern marketing. In fact, our annual State of Community Powered Marketing study releasing later this month reveals that nearly seven out of ten marketers are prioritizing community-building in the next two years (view some early results here). 

We find ourselves in a distinctive era where the community you foster as a brand shapes your identity in the marketplace, defining not just what you sell but the very essence of who you are as a brand. 

As we step into the new year, TINT proudly upholds its legacy of excellence in UGC curation and distribution. Bolstered by platform advancements, the strategic acquisition of Vesta last year, and many invaluable new insights collected, we embark on 2024 with an invigorated mission. 

TINT is set to transform how brands approach consumer engagement, advocacy, conversion, and loyalty by going all-in on Community Powered Marketing.

I believe that the holy grail of marketing involves the skillful mastery of fusing authenticity and trust, personalized experiences, and relationship building. By recognizing that the voice of the customer is the voice of the brand and crafting personalized experiences for their consumers, brands create emotional loyalty that is the foundation for advocacy which in turn builds direct relationships with community at the core.

The customer-obsessed brands of today and tomorrow embrace the power of community engagement to drive new customer acquisition and fortify long-term retention and brand preference. 

Expectations for 2024: Platform Expansion and Game-Changing Capabilities

We are pioneering a platform that catalyzes genuine community connection for brands across the entire customer journey, from the moment a consumer is first exposed to your brand to when they become steadfastly loyal. A platform that enables advocacy activation and hyper-personalized engagement through the rich tapestry of first and zero-party data. 

The TINT platform is undergoing exciting expansion, and we’re introducing game-changing capabilities — empowering brands to craft immersive community destinations for their customers. These spaces are rich with diverse engagement opportunities from social sampling, ratings & reviews, and identifying content creators to dynamic surveys, vibrant discussion boards, curated offers, and gamified interactions.

Our powerful AI-driven UGC collection and curation will ensure a seamless scale-up of these valuable community relationships, complete with efficient rights management, social commerce integrations, and connectivity across an extensive network of distribution channels. 

With these new capabilities, TINT is a first-of-its-kind engagement ecosystem, unlocking an environment where brands can make real wins in the market by mobilizing their ardent supporters – at greater speed, ease, and impact than ever before. 

Some of the many exciting enhancements ahead include: 

  • An innovative commerce solution that elevates your ecomm PDP conversion through Community Powered Ratings & Reviews 
  • An AI-Powered Audience Builder with hyper-personalization that identifies your best advocates and matches audience cohorts with custom dynamic user-generated content and offers
  • A Community Growth Toolkit with everything you need to build a thriving consumer community for your brand
  • A revolutionary Community Powered Rewards program that puts community at the core of driving retention
  • Dozens of new interactive brand engagements easily tailored and deployed to your consumers, collecting valuable zero-party data
  • More integrations to streamline efficiencies and value across your martech stack 

As we embark on this exciting journey into 2024, we’re not just reimagining the future of our platform; we’re reshaping how brands connect and engage by putting community at the heart of marketing. 

Stay tuned for an exhilarating year of Community Powered Marketing innovation and collaboration. A heartfelt thank you to our dedicated team and cherished customers.

Here’s to the remarkable year ahead!


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