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UGC Research & Trends


The latest user-generated content research and trends.

Every year, marketers have new trends, new platforms, and new expectations that they need to stay on top of…or risk getting left in the dust. Thankfully, we’ve got you covered. Every year, we conduct our own research to discover the must-know consumer trends and marketing themes, both as related to UGC and not. Then, we report our findings, predictions, and tips in the State of User-Generated Content report and throughout our blog. From marketer’s number…

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Remember back when UGC was a good idea? These days, it’s much more than that. It’s a must-have. In 2022, consumers practically demand it, not to mention, it solves marketers’ biggest challenges. Here are the 5 consumer trends making UGC non-optional, according to research conducted by TINT and reported in our State of User-Generated Content report 2022.

Travel Brands are recommended to focus on communicating trust and confidence as industries rebuild post-lockdown. New research stresses the importance of using authentic social media and marketing content for travel-related industries as they recover from the global impacts of COVID-19. Travel-centric brands face a “next normal” in a world where social media adoption and consumer expectations have increased exponentially. The report, produced by travel research authority PhocusWire in partnership with TINT, finds that many brands…

Every great marketer can agree on one thing: stories sell.  People don’t buy products, they buy the stories behind the products. Incorporating visual storytelling into your marketing has never been more important and the following are 9 visual content trends to watch.  9 Visual Content Trends to Watch…