Social Media Debate: Snapchat VS. Instagram Stories

In the spirit of the upcoming presidential debate, we decided to host our first ever Social Media Debate on Instagram Stories VS. Snapchat. Which platform allows… Read More

How Our Tech Startup Created a Profitable Business in 3 Months

4 tips on how our tech startup of first time entrepreneurs created a profitable business in just 3 months and now makes over $300,000 per… Read More

2014 Year in Review – A look back on the year that no one expected

If 2013 was the year that changed everything at TINT, 2014 was the year that no one expected. Period. Here is our 2014 Year in… Read More

Beyond Display: Play, Mix, Slack, and Repeat

Watch our webinar recording below to learn about our latest features taking digital signage display to the next level. Read More

Digital Marketing for Shopping Malls: 6 Ways to Use TINT

In 2012, U.S. shopping-center retail sales totaled more than $2.4 trillion, accounting for half of all retail sales in the U.S. In the face of increasing… Read More

Getting Hired with

What is it like getting hired through An honest review from the employee and employers perspectives. Read More

6 Ideas on How to Use Social Media Walls at Events

6 simple, yet effective ideas on how to use social media walls at your next event to engage your audiences. Read More

How to Pick a Good Hashtag

Five simple rules to pick a good hashtag. Use your social media like a boss. When designed well, Hashtags can raise awareness about an event,… Read More

Why UGC Has Best ROI Compared To Traditional Marketing

User Generated Content isn’t an advertising trend; UGC is necessary to maximize your marketing ROI, and we’ve got three amazing case studies that prove it. Read More

How to Get More Followers on Instagram

8 simple and practical steps to help you get more followers on Instagram. Read More

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