The TINT Experience

The global pandemic may have halted the world as we know it, but I didn’t let COVID-19 interfere with my TINT internship. This summer, as a TINT intern, I challenged the status quo and gained a new perspective on the multifaceted marketing industry. Five months ago, I said yes to joining the TINT team. My role aided the daily implementation of social campaigns, search engine optimization, brand strategy, and web presence. With the power of Zoom and support of Slack, my TINT from home experience gave me a peek inside the world of user-generated content (UGC) and marketing communications. Here’s how my virtual internship changed my life.

TINT Intern Maya
TINT Intern Maya Sowells

Three weeks before the internship began, and I already had homework. My task was to brainstorm ideas about projects shared by the TINT team. It was at that moment I knew TINT was the place for me. It may seem minor, but it was reassuring that my voice and opinions would hold value at TINT. This set the tone for an incredible summer.

Growing up, discovering the ins and outs of business always sparked my curiosity. Thus, I fell in love with the entrepreneurship department at Wake Forest University. As a Communications major, my academic background brings business fundamentals and marketing together. In college, I’ve learned about business development from influential members of our community.

That is why TINT became the perfect place for me. 


After scrambling to find a summer internship the previous year, I learned to start the search process early. I came across a program called Students + Startups (S + S). The 10-week program pairs undergraduate students with innovative startups and provides real-world experiences.

Program benefits include: 

  • a dynamic cohort
  • engaging workshops
  • entrepreneurial community partners 

S+S positions students to gain confidence in the workplace and develop relevant skills.

TINT piqued my interest in the job description alone. TINT is a software as a service (SAAS) platform that collects and curates user-generated content. I was excited to use technology, marketing and social media to expand my knowledge beyond the classroom. As a result, I became a TINT intern for an entrepreneurial experience and development in marketing. 

What Did I Learn?

This summer, I worked on many projects addressing marketing from different perspectives. As a TINT intern, I attained new skill sets and derived strategic insights. When it comes to my previous coursework, I’ve acquired marketing knowledge about consumer behavior and purchase decisions. TINT helped me further comprehend the application of marketing strategies to target consumers. My projects and outcomes yielded data to serve company goals.

My Projects and Outcomes

Social Audit

I conducted a social audit of all the TINT social accounts. I analyzed data and drafted recommendations for the TINT social strategy. This required extensive research on the best channels for TINT. As a TINT Intern, I used critical thinking to decipher the needs of our target audience. The audit allows for a better understanding of our reach and efficacy across all social platforms. After thorough research, my recommendation was to focus on Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. I used HubSpot social tools to determine key metrics. Since implementing a social strategy, the TINT Instagram presence has grown. 

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is another skill TINT exposed me to. With the help of tools like  SEMRush, I  improved our web traffic and overall site health. My tasks included replacing broken images and links, updating HTML tags, composing meta descriptions, and securing HTTP links. I learned about the relationship between SEO and content marketing. The complex details of web traffic is not a topic I had been well-versed in before my internship, but now I feel firmly rooted in the basic tactics of SEO.

Future of Marketing

Future of Marketing is a business thought leadership blog and newsletter on the rise. It’s the one-stop-shop for marketing insights.  I assisted by analyzing current market trends and brainstorming areas of opportunity. Discovering fresh ways to improve reach and engagement unveiled my passion for brand strategy.  The task at hand has been to communicate industry insights to high-level marketers. It has been most rewarding to see my ideas, such as newsletter features, and campaign tactics implemented into our brand strategy. 

Web Presence

I completed web presence research by browsing the internet for third-party aggregator sites. My mission was to update any TINT web profiles such as G2 Crowd, Crunchbase, Owler, and more. This project ensures potential customers are accessing accurate information. I learned our startup history and what went into making TINT a successful company.

Day-To-Day Marketing Operations

The day-to-day marketing operations allowed me to work alongside members of the marketing team. I provided input on an assortment of projects and collaborated with team members to achieve goals. Whether it was monitoring a webinar, sitting in on company partner meetings, or conducting campaign research, TINT taught me valuable interpersonal and collaborative skills. My internship remained exciting because I never knew what I’d get to work on next.


No day as a TINT Intern was ever the same. I’ve had the pleasure of working on innovative and collaborative projects. We work as a cohesive unit in a space where everyone leans on one another to meet our goals. Therefore, I now have a new appreciation for the power of a team.

More Than an Internship

Working with TINT has been a pleasure because my voice never went unnoticed. It’s great to work in a space that takes your ideas and turns them into bigger company visions. With team support and engaging projects, my TINT intern experience was educational, purposeful, and insightful.

I am grateful to S + S for an opportunity of a lifetime. TINT has enhanced my marketing abilities and has gifted me with long-lasting relationships. TINT is more than a tech company; it is a family.

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